Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. More here...

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Special Hurricane Report

For this place be He points out that the New Urbanists' small town model grew out of 19th-century conditions. This is a very different time, he says. To assume that relatively small-scale groupings of people are ideal is to be conservative and pessimistic, believing that people want to live in homogeneous, no-risk, no-tension situations. The uncertainty quotient is a part of making cities. Steve Badanes, a founder of the design build firm Jersey Devil, says he disagrees with some aspects of New Urbanism, but says, How can you knock a situation where the governor called in architects, rather than developers, to solve urban problems. Andrea Oppenheimer Dean

The Conditions Of Vision

The difficulties and inconsistencies that arise in Baudelaire's account of vision makes it hard to draw a simple and straightforward trajectory from Descartes to the conception of visual experience underlying aesthetic modernism. Consequently, we should be wary of thinking in terms of a single, enduring paradigm of modern vision which we are now capable of moving beyond. And yet, if we take Baudelaire's aesthetic theory at face value, there are clearly aspects which resemble Cartesian vision. Descartes' conception of the inherent unreliability of visual experience presents an unequivocal statement of the priority of human cognition over the phenomenal world by casting visual experience as passive and dependent on the activity of the cogito, it reduces the visible world to an array of objects available for human manipulation and use. While Baudelaire's theology of original sin allows him to develop a more complex understanding of vision, at the same time it leads him to suppress the...

Planned preventive maintenance

At the same time, as part of the construction industry is developing with increasing technology and management responses to a changing business environment, much of the industry is populated by unskilled or poorly skilled personnel, unaware or uninterested in such developments. This would be of little concern if it were not for the pervasive negative impact on the image of the construction industry as 'cowboys' or 'builders from hell'.

Changing the social relations of the development process

The difficulty with architecture is that there's a hell of a lot of issues, from the very aesthetic artistic issues to complex technical issues, accessibility, all those kinds of things have to be taken on board, and in each project, if the student tries to satisfy realistically all of those issues, that can be a hindrance to them thinking creatively. While we have not been able to quantify the costs to developers of refurbishing buildings to accessible standards (which was not an objective of the research), anecdotal evidence suggests that designing access into older buildings may well be prohibitive and a disincentive to developers. More information and research about costings is required, yet there is sufficient evidence to suggest that some form of public subsidy should be made available to encourage developers to incorporate access into the refurbishment of older buildings. As Chapter 3 indicates, fiscal subsidies are provided to developers in a range of countries, including...

Domestic spiral and cylindrical stairs

Ramp Architecture Corbusier

The concept of the open stair within the open plan is the hallmark of the Corbusian ideal. The initial designs for the Dom-Ino Skeletal House (circa 1914-15) demon- The thematic response can best be seen in the cantilever spiral that is at the heart of the Jencks Victorian villa. Here each tread fits one to the other like the spiralling of a conch shell. The depth and height are signified by a mosaic telling of the underworld set in the basement floor and by the cascading light from the domical 'eye' to the sky. Each step is numerated to tell of the ascent, the whole movement of the flight being captured by finely made sinuous handrailing. The oval plan is masterly, with spreadeagle treads that lead off into the landings (Figure 4.16).

Location and Orientation


Crooke (1918, 136) offers a scientific explanation for expatiation rites, which are also practiced in various parts of India and perhaps elsewhere, as he explains that emanations or microbes disturbed in the course of excavation are a source of evil, which primitive men translate into a visitation of demons or evil spirits. A quite different ceremony, but one which also emphasizes the living nature of a house, is reported from northern Thailand (Charernsupkul and Temi-yabandha 1979, 57). There a future husband who anticipates building his own dwelling offers apologies to his wife-to-be's parent's house for loving the daughter of the house and for taking her away.

Selecting The Location Of The City Hall

Obviously if a city hall ia to be part of a civic center, it must be planned in relation to the other facilities. For instance, the San Jose, California, city hell Is part of a civic center consisting of a health building, communications building, police garage, county office building, sheriff's department and jail, criminal-legal building, and a juvenile canter. Some of the facilities, such aa the administrative offices in the health building, did not have to be repeated in the city hall. The city hall should be near the center of business activity because this is where the principal users of the facility ero moat frequently located, Ae an example, attorneys frequently must use records that are housed in city hell. A city should determine what groups most often come to city hall and place the facility as close to those groups aa possible

St George Bloomsbury 171627

The fact that Hawksmoor has become the 'devil's architect' of novelists, historians and journalists anxious to excite their readers' fantasies gets between us and the architecture. St George's, Bloomsbury is a good example of the latter. The church exhibits the man's private concerns as well as his architectural inventiveness and idiosyncracities, but that damnable upper part to the tower overly excites interest. In fact, any architect-cum-speculative-mason of the day would place their work in the context of what the Ancients had achieved - and Hawksmoor was a keen historian of architectural precedent. In fact, Wren had similarly been fascinated by such things and many of the City church towers exhibit the peculiar role of these urban landmarks that it probably takes an old fashioned PostModernist like Venturi to appreciate.

From The Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John c95 ad

The book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse, is the last book to have been incorporated into the canon of the New Testament. It is a work of prophecy, and the author identifies himself as John. Earlier biblical scholars accepted that he was the apostle John, but more recent scholarship suggests that he was a Palestinian Christian priest who fled into exile after the First Jewish Revolt against the Romans in 66-73 ad. The Revelation speaks to the Roman persecution of christians, but more vividly to the second coming of christ on the day of the Last Judgment. Toward the end of book, after recounting the defeat of Satan, John records his vision of the new earth and the new Jerusalem. The earlier Judaic tradition of numerology and symbolism here takes on a distinct Christian cast. The Revelation would become enormously influential during the Christian Middle Ages.

Decoration Lo Mantang

From the survey made of monasteries, it is clear that symbolism is one of the highlights of religious architecture in Khumbu, further intensified by the vivid colouring of innumerable images, demons and deities of Buddhist mythology. As the role of architecture in this instance is to give concrete form to this rich symbolism, it must of necessity conform to its intricate norms, so that in turn it assumes forms that are highly symbolical.

An Old Parlor with an Old Tree

The fusuma doors of this one-room parlor lead into a simple and serene interior This eight-mat formal room with an engowa was built in the Sukiya style in 1933, and serves as both a drawing room and a tearoom. The late Baizan Nakamura, who built this room in his 20s. was a potter well known for making tea-ceremony utensils with beautiful and novel designs. The touch of the artist's ingenuity is evident in this simple room, achieved here without gorgeous materials or expensive features such as wooden posts and ceiling boards of precious wood, sculptured ranma. fusuma with gold detailing and other decorative elements. Severe discipline, with a spirit of playfulness is the quintessence of the Sukiya style ( tea style ) in Japan, and the Nakamura parlor is a good example of that. An example of Sukiya-style playfulness is found in the sliding doors on a row of low closets, which are made of wood that was selected for its apparently moth-eaten texture. The room also has a fireplace (to)...

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The similarity of figures on the ancient maps with the descriptions of the Apocalypse, he perceived this as coincidental, because he wasn't able to free himself from the indoctrination of Scaligerian notions. Today's Bible historians cannot conceive of any astronomical connotations in the Biblical texts. There may be a unique possibility, as we shall now demon

Drawing power and the resonance of cities

The overall effect of drawing power is the resonance it creates. And this is made up of tangibles and intangibles - it is the multiple facts, stories, images, memories and associational richness a city establishes for itself. This might be to do with a historical event, an image or its role as an industrial engine. People often have strong views about a place, positive or negative, even if they have not been there. The phrase 'black hole of Calcutta' will always blight Kolkata's prospects. It refers to the death of 123 British prisoners who had perished in an airless dungeon in 1756 after the Nawab of Bengal incarcerated them but, partly as a result, Kolkata is still seen as the epitome of urban hell and slum-living and is not attractive to inward investors. The reality is far away. There are some dreadful conditions, but the infrastructure, such as the metro, is very good. Mumbai by contrast, because of its association with Bollywood, is seen as glamorous, when in fact it has a far...

Race Poverty and the Humane Metropolis

1942 Uruguay

Under the old narrative, we saw that European Americans conquered the North American continent. The natural world was seen as a vast and infinite resource that could be raided for more production and consumption. If there were problems with the cities, then we could pack up and leave, throw them away, build new ones, and Devil takes the hindmost Knowledge was organized around the needs and experiences of the European American middle class. Anything outside these needs and experiences simply did not exist. In short, the world of Ozzie and Harriet was flat. If you ventured too far out, then you would fall off the edge.

Construction Techniques

Festering is that form of semi-conscious, semi-unconscious thinking we all fall back on when we don't really know what the hell we're doing. Since you won't be building with blueprints drawn up by a trained architect, and since you probably have only the foggiest notion of carpentry techniques, thinking is going to be the biggest and longest part of the job. If you try to sit down and reason it all out logically you're going to get a headache and become grumpy. Better to let it fester.

History Of The Grotesque

From Germany, the Traumwerk style of painting was beautifully illustrated by the work of Pieter Brueghel the younger. His fanciful goblins and demons demonstrated Teutonic myth along with social comment (Barasch, 1971 40). Wolfgang Kayser writes that the work of Pieter Brueghel the younger may be more true to a definition of the grotesque than paintings by the seemingly grotesque artist Hieronymus Bosch. ' Bosch does not paint a Christian hell, whose monsters serve as God 's tools in warning, tempting, or punishing, but an absurd nocturnal world of its own which permits of no rational or emotional explanation' (1963 36). Grotesques, denoted as ' chimera, demons, fools and clowns, ' were called antickes in sixteenth-century England, and Barasch expresses the frivolous side of this issue The Surrealist painter, Giorgio de Chirico, suggests another reality of our modern world to express the grotesque, namely the machine. His stark streets and mechanically jointed mannequins fashion a '...

History Of Caricature

Other Egyptian examples show animals employed in occupations usually reserved for humans. This role reversal, demonstrating the impossible notion of animals assuming human tasks, is humorous (Wright, 1968). The Middle Ages provide examples of carnivals, festivals and enjoyment of the ludicrous. A manuscript from this time provides an example of two demons tripping a monk and throwing him in a river. This burlesque is evident in the Middle Ages ' idea of the world turned upside down. Another example is a drawing of a blacksmith where a goose has taken the place of a horse and he is nailing a shoe on the webbed foot (Wright, 1968). These examples from the Middle Ages seem to interchange humorous art with that of caricature. The nature of caricature depends upon memory, imagination and fantasy. The use of ridicule originates from a memory of specific characteristics of a figure. Likewise, memory assists viewer's to recognize and understand humor, because they also know from memory the...

Traditional society

The question of cultural identity has become one of the key issues in modern cultural policies. In an expert meeting in Canberra, in 1989, it was defined as the end product of man's interaction with non-human nature, and, more poetically, 'the fragrance of the earth, the myths we live on and legends that sustain us, the ballads that we sing, the multi-layered idiom of our poetical tradition, or our concepts of heaven and hell' (Domicelj, 1990 94). This definition by a Vietnamese scholar gives a feeling of the relationship of traditional cultures with their environment. As a result of the recognition of the concept of cultural landscape by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in 1992, a new

Timehonored Finish

Plasters of various kinds have been used to finish buildings for centuries. The correct kind of plaster can provide a durable layer of protection from the elements, and a wide range of textures, colors, and surfaces are possible. From a rough, devil-may-care application to the most meticulous professional job, plaster finishing allows for all kinds of approaches.

The Shastric City

Vastu Purushamandala

The location of some of these forts and cities is already implied in their definitions, but beyond this is the idea that the best site is one to which can be attributed some sacred association - a site that may be identified with a legend, or as the scene of some action of a god. All associations of the site will be borne by the city and will influence its fortunes. Before building can commence, offerings must be made to propitiate the gods and demons.14

The Heian period

Courtyards And Corridors Urban Planning

A Heian-kyo, present-day Kyoto, was founded m 794 Mountains surround the city on three sides like the back and armrests of a natural armchair The city opens to the south onto a broad, flat plain Mount Hiei, Kyoto's highest peak, lies on the far side of the Devil's Gate in the north-east The ancient Japanese belief that evil spirits always come from the north-east, from the ki-mon, the Devil's Gate, probably had its roots in a natural phenomenon

Factory as Image

Industrial Desolation Painting

If the engines were fearsome beasts, it was equally essential to deal with the anxiety that surrounded the unknown, to placate these new demons, and the more thoughtful of the early industrialists were careful to adapt the architectural style that best reflected continuity - in their case the Classical style - for the public face of their factories. The early years of the Industrial Revolution were full of both hopes and worries the short, dramatic history of one mill tells the story. holes, a large red-brick factory chimney was still standing, rising from all this But now everything was silent and dead in this cold fossilised hell, as though a raving lunatic had suddenly died of heart failure.15

The Soane Museum

Soane has insinuated the spirit of Architecture herself into the tectonics of place as a rare and possibly dangerous compound of Apollonian and Dionysian characteristics that is as threatening as any other god who, freed by the mind that construes and conjures it, turns around to consume the author in the fulfilment of some Faustian bargain. Soane conjures up his muse and courts a devil - one whose spirit, as Mephisto declares, penetrates the marrow of the earth. Indicatively, in Gandy's drawings of Mr and Mrs Soane in the loggia of their house as palace their figures are diminutive and the architecture aggrandised. The playful, situated love of the game is envisaged as an enraptured climax in which the player is implicitly without choice in the moves made and affects engendered Architecture now vaunts herself through the vehicle of the architect's creative genius. Perhaps as a counterpoint Gandy and Soane repeatedly fantasised upon the theme of Piranesian ruination as architecture's...

The look of the city

Angularity is the other predominant feature straight lines right angles sharp edges, some jutting out squareness planes blank walls. From above, this angularity comes across as a chaotic range of heights and right angles. There is hardly a place in nature that looks like this except, perhaps, the famous Devil's Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland - a mass of basalt columns packed tightly together that resembles a mega-city. A new way of looking at urban lighting, based on a relationship between identification and regeneration on any given site, can be expressed through three stages light marketing, light art and light landscape. Centrepoint and its environs in central London were adopted as a 'laboratory' from which to evolve and test out a set of generic strategies and tactics. The research demonstrates the ability of lighting to transform our urban spaces at different levels - and to generate and communicate powerful new spatial identities within our nocturnal environments...

A question of detail

In spite of our rather obvious observations about the fundamental importance of the architectural detail, we are repeatedly confronted with problems during the construction process and with the finished building, regardless of the type of procurement route adopted and the inherent level of complexity. Many of these problems are a direct consequence of careless or inappropriate detailing during the design phase or careless implementation during construction. Once spotted, these difficulties often seem insurmountable, thus leading some to claim, somewhat cynically, that it is 'the Devil who is in the detail'. With the benefit of hindsight we often find that it is the quality of thought behind the detail, both in design and execution, which is lacking. In essence these would appear to be problems brought about by a failure to apply our knowledge and skills in an appropriate way. In our search for creative solutions that work, we first need to give some thought to the underlying reasons...

George Gilbert Scott

Old Architectural Designs

Delay the ruthless work awhile - O spare, Thou stern, unpitying demon of Repair, This precious relic of an early age It were a pious work, I hear you say, To drop the falling ruin, and to stay The work of desolation. It may be That ye say right but, O work tenderly Beware lest one worn feature ye efface -Seek not to add one touch of modern grace Handle with reverence each crumbling stone, Respect the very lichens o'er it grown . . .


Avant-garde art . . . is infected by strains of maintenance ideas, maintenance activities, and maintenance materials . . . I am an artist. I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. (Random order). I do a hell of a lot of washing, cleaning, cooking, renewing, supporting, preserving, etc. Also, (up to now separately) I 'do' Art. now I will simply do thee maintenance everyday things, and flush them up to consciousness, exhibit them, as Art.

Design for Spirit

Company executives intended to improve their supply chain, thereby saving money and reducing their ecological damages. Working with Wal-Mart is like dancing with the devil, as a colleague put it. Given the sheer size of the company, any improvement in efficiency would be a sizable gain, but it also adds to the profitability and viability of a force running roughshod over communities, workers, and environments in at least nine countries. During that meeting, company officials indicated that sales were enhanced considerably by good design practices such as daylighting. They wished to explore other design possibilities as well.

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