Architectural concept and planning

Model A

Model B (Recommended)

▲ 6.6 Alternative models of the sequence and method of preliminary architectural design.

Two prerequisites for successful integration of structure with the architectural design concept and planning, are architects' attitude towards structure and a sense of timing. With a positive attitude which embraces the possibility of seismic structure enriching a design, an architect is more likely to engage with structural requirements soon after commencing the design process rather than procrastinating. The ideal situation is that, shortly after coming to terms with the program, an architect will ascertain the seismic requirements. For most designs, early discussions with a structural engineer will clarify the important issues. Then, armed with that knowledge, the architect can explore the opportunities and constraints of the seismic structure. While design ideas are still fluid, the question: . How might this necessary structure contribute positively to the design?' can be posed. If this positive and timely approach is not followed, an unfortunate situation often arises where architectural design has to be reworked due to the unforeseen impact of seismic structure upon it.

This unsatisfactory approach to integrating architecture with seismic structure is summarized in Fig. 6.6. Model A, prevalent in contemporary architectural practice, describes a design method and sequence where structure is excluded from informing the architectural concept and form by virtue of its consideration late in the design process. Structure is an afterthought and its relatively late inclusion may be costly in terms of economy and how it might compromise architectural ideas. The preferred approach, Model B, tightly integrates structural considerations with both the realization of the architectural concept and the development of architectural form and planning. This design method enables architects to get the best aesthetic value from their structure as well as cost-effective and planning-friendly structural solutions.2 Many possibilities of structure-enriching design can be explored.

Model A

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