Nonstructural elements

Heavy and strong elements, such as precast concrete and masonry wall panels, may require special seismic separation; especially if the seismic resistance of their building is provided by relatively flexible moment

frames. Opportunities exist to express the separation gaps between structure and cladding panels and between cladding panels themselves. Where cladding panel separation concepts are similar in principle to the action of flexible and scaly reptilian skins, details that express that action are worthy of investigation. Similarly, the provision for movement within seismic mullions may warrant design exploration (see Fig. 11.15). Even partition wall-to-structure connections designed to accommodate interstorey drift provide opportunities for appropriate aesthetic expression.

Seismic restraint of building contents is another area ripe for architectural expression. With exemplary design and detailing, attractive and elegant seismic restraints for items such as electronic appliances, bookshelves and office equipment might even enhance an interior environment.

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