A11 Assumptions for the lifecycle analyses

In the life-cycle analyses (see Chapter 3 in volume 1 of this series) the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE) electricity mix was used. Table A1.2 shows the primary energy factors for electricity used for the life-cycle analyses (UCTE electricity mix) and the energy analyses of the typical solutions (EU 17 electricity mix). The difference between the two values is caused by the different production mix for electricity within the UCTE and the EU 17 countries. Further differences occur due to different definitions of the base (calorific value) and within the methodology of the two data sources (Frischknecht et al, 1996; GEMIS, 2004).

Table A1.2 Primary energy factors for electricity (non-renewable)



Primary energy factor (PEF)


Data source

UCTE electricity mix EU 17 electricity mix

Gross calorific value Net calorific value

3.56 Frischknecht et al (1996)

2.35 GEMIS (2004)

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