Air distribution system

Ventilation air heating results in rooms where the air that is supplied is warmer than the rooms where the air is extracted. Internal and solar gains can further increase the temperature in these heated rooms. On the other hand, natural convection through open doors can, to a large extent, equalize temperature differences between rooms.

Unintentional and uncontrolled heat losses from the supply air ducting should be minimized. Supply air ducts from the air heater to the supply terminal should always run within the heated house volume, not through attics or crawl spaces.

Although duct losses within the heated volume are not lost, the heat distribution is uncontrolled. Rooms needing heat may not be satisfied, while rooms with duct heat losses may overheat. The heat flow from ducts embedded in walls, floors or ceilings is delayed, making control all the more difficult. When ducts are openly hung in a room, the total amount of heat delivered is the same, but the temperature of the supply air at the outlet is lower. This can improve comfort.

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