Air heating combined with a wood stove

If the wood stove is located in the basement, there is no significant difference from other heat supply systems with regard to ventilation air heating. However, there are special concerns if the oven is in one of the living spaces:

• Ideally, the room should be a central open space with thermal mass.

• The peak heating power from the stove radiated and convected to the room should be below 2 kW to 3 kW, and, even so, room temperatures exceeding 25°C for some hours during the firing should be acceptable.

• The stove must be tightly sealed and the ventilation system correctly balanced to avoid the case of an under-pressure in the room drawing out flue gases.

• The wood stove must have a separate air supply.

• Heat should be extracted from the stove via a heat exchanger and transported to other rooms or to the domestic water tank. Tile stoves can deliver heat over an extended period.

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