Architectural concept and construction

Wood structure houses in the southern tract

These 22 wooden frame houses have 5 to 6 rooms in 3 storeys. Two thirds of these houses have no basement; the others have unheated basements. All windows of the main rooms are orientated to the south. The shed roof slopes at an angle of 8° to the north and is covered with vegetation.

Massive houses - southern tract

These 16 massive houses correspond architecturally to the wooden frame houses, with the difference that all houses have an unheated basement.

Massive houses - northern tract

The 34 massive houses of the northern tract each have 5 to 6 rooms over 2 storeys and gable roofs that are orientated to the south.

3.2 Energy

Source: Carsten Petersdorff

Figure 3.2.1 Section

Source: Carsten Petersdorff

Figure 3.2.2 Ground floor plan

Source: Carsten Petersdorff

Figure 3.2.3 First floor plan

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