Building envelope

The opaque building envelope is in lightweight construction and highly insulated (see Table 2.2.1).

Table 2.2.1 Constructions

Roof (roof tiles of clay)

Counter and tiling batten 6.0 cm

Expanded polystyrene 3.0 cm Underlay felt

Timber 2.2 cm

Ventilated air space/rafters 5.0 cm

Masonite rafters and mineral wool 45.0 cm Double polyethylene sheets

Rafters and mineral wool 4.5 cm

Gypsum board 1.3 cm

Total 67.0 cm

Exterior walls (from inside to outside)

Gypsum board 1.3 cm

Studs and mineral wool 4.5 cm

Expanded polystyrene 12.0 cm Polyethylene sheet

Studs with mineral wool 17.0 cm

Gypsum board 0.9 cm

Expanded polystyrene 10.0 cm

Battens/ventilated air space 3.4 cm

Wood panel 2.2 cm

Total 51.3 cm

Floor (from inside)

Parquet 2.5 cm

Foamed polyethylene 0.5 cm

Concrete 10.0 cm

Expanded polystyrene 10.0 cm Polyethylene sheet

Expanded polystyrene 15.0 cm

Drainage layer macadam 30.0 cm

Total 68.0 cm

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