Characterization of the shading performance

The total energy transmittance g is defined as the directly transmitted radiation plus the secondary transmitted heat (absorbed energy going inwards).

The total transmittance for the window with shading, gsystem, is the product of the transmittance for the different parts of the system:

gsystem gsunshade gwindow [9.3]

A low g-value thus means a high shading performance. Note that the gsunshade~value depends on the type of window used and also on the position of the shading device (interior, interpane or exterior). The g-value is neither constant over the year, nor constant for a product.

If the window is double glazed with clear glass, gsunshade is the same as the shading coefficient, which is a designation sometimes used in connection with sunshades. In Sweden, a double-pane window is normally used as a reference for the shading coefficient. However, some countries use a single clear glazing as a reference, which then gives shading coefficients that are not comparable. The g-value is therefore a more straightforward measure of the solar transmittance.

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