Achieving high-performance, very low energy housing is theoretically simple: keep expenses low (energy losses) and maximize the income ('free' internal and solar gains, and heat recovery). That this is possible, in practice, has been demonstrated by over 4000 housing projects in Europe alone. Their success has involved a learning process by the building designers, but also by equipment manufacturers. Today, there is much known to help new designers 'get it right' and there is a diversity of high-quality, proven components and systems to achieve such performance. It is the purpose of this publication (in its two volumes) to share this experience with you: the planners of the next generation of highperformance housing.

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Source: Hans Eek, Arkitekt Hans Eek AB, Alingsas, Sweden, [email protected]

Figure I.5 Wall section of the row houses in Lindas

Part I

Exemplary Buildings

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