Deepened glazing rebate and less conducting glazing layer separators

In standard window frames, the rebate depth for the glazing is only 15 mm. Furthermore, in conventional double glazing the edge system is made of aluminium, which has very high thermal conductivity. The resulting heat lost at the edge of the glazing may be as great as that lost over the total glass surface.

This can be reduced if the glass is set deeper into the frame (that is, 25 mm to 30 mm). In addition, the glazing spacer should be a less conductive material than the commonly used aluminium. Spacers are made from reinforced polycarbonate or thin stainless steel sheet metal less than 0.2 mm thick (see Figure 9.5.5).

The heat losses through the window can be reduced by about 8 per cent with these measures without changing the geometry of the frame cross-section. Accordingly, a thermal separated spacer is also cost effective and suitable for standard windows.

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