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Exterior shading devices are the most effective solution to avoid overheating. Architectural overhangs are less efficient, cannot be retracted and should be avoided because they are less effective in preventing overheating than other devices and they block daylight all year. For a south orientation, a dark awning, external Venetian blinds or screen are good choices. For a west- or east-oriented window, vertical sunshades (parallel to the window) are the most effective.

Interpane sunshades are an acceptable alternative, especially when they are placed in the outermost air gap. Especially for windy sites, they are a good alternative and could perform even better than some exterior shadings. The interpane sunshades should have a high reflectance facing out.

If interior sunshades must be used, it is even more important that they should have a high reflectance. Even so, they offer a poor overheating protection and are, at best, only good at reducing glare and providing privacy.

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