Door location

Often in high-performance houses, the entry is located on the north side. It opens into a foyer with adjacent closet, guest WC and kitchen. These spaces have a lower priority for south-facing windows than living and dining spaces - hence, the north side entry. However, this side of the house typically has the worst wind exposure, is always in shadow in winter and the micro-climate can be several degrees colder than the south side of the house. The north side of a house is, therefore, the worst direction in which to make a hole in the building envelope, nor is it a pleasant way to enter or exit the house. A wind-sheltered, sun-warmed south-facing entry is much more inviting. Plants and flowers can further enhance the entry experience. Indeed, many traditional house designs incorporate a ceremonial entry at the 'front' of the house for guests and an everyday entrance to the rear or through the garage.

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