The initiative for the project came from four families working together. The four remaining apartments were sold during the planning phase. Due to the attractive project and the favoured rural living area of Stans, selling the apartments was very easy.

The investment costs for the building (standard finishing) amounted to €2.58 million. The additional costs in the Wechsel project compared to a conventionally built house amounted to an extra 14.5 per cent.

Table 5.4.1 Account classification: All costs, including planning honorarium and 7.6 per cent value-added tax

Relative building costs

Building costs (standard finishings)

Total investment costs (including building land)


2,058,000 3,100,000

Costs for technical systems

PV installation


Annual operating costs

Heating and general maintenance for the entire apartment building

Wood pellets heating system Ventilation system total


3005 4976

Note: The project was supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy with a contribution of €61,300. An additional €20,400 was provided by the Swiss government for a post-occupancy evaluation of the project.

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