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Sunny Woods won both the Swiss and European solar prizes. It is the first apartment building in Switzerland designed to achieve a net annual zero-energy balance. The project is based on passive-solar design principles. The exactly south-oriented windows open almost the entire south façade. In order to make use of the solar gains in this timber construction building, a levelling cement grout of 7 cm and black slate paving tiles of 1.5 cm were added to the floor.

The passive-solar design combines the following technical features:

• highly insulated air-tight building envelope: U-value(average): 0.24 W/m2K; pressurization test (50Pa): 0.6 h-1;

• minimized thermal bridges;

energy efficient windows: U-value(including frame): 0.8 W/m2K;

• efficient ventilation with heat recovery (90 per cent efficiency) and ground preheating;

• photovoltaic (PV) roof, grid connected thin film solar cells: 16.2 kWp;

• vacuum collectors for DHW and heating: 6 m2 per living unit; and

• efficient appliances.

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