Energy concept

The goal of building housing that requires no conventional heating system in this climate was achieved by the following means:

• a highly insulated, air-tight building envelope with:

- a mean U-value of the building envelope = 0.16 W/m2K;

- an air tightness measured to be 0.3 l/sm2 at 50 Pa;

• minimized thermal bridges:

• energy-efficient windows with a mean U-value = 0.85 W/m2K;

• efficient ventilation with heat recovery (circa 80 per cent); and

• 5 m2 of solar collectors for DHW per housing unit.

Source: EFEM Arkitektkontor

Figure 2.2.2 Section

Source: Maria Wall, diagram format by AEU (Robert Hastings)

Figure 2.2.1 Energy supply for domestic hot water (DHW), space heating and ventilation. The values are the average energy supply and use for the 20 units, based on monitoring

Source: EFEM Arkitektkontor

Figure 2.2.2 Section

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