Achieving housing that consumes four to ten times less end energy for space heating is an ambitious goal. A growing number of projects demonstrate that this is not only possible, but affordable, in a real market situation.

This volume of a two-volume set presents a selection of six exemplary housing projects representing single family, row and multi-family housing in climates ranging from Lindas, Sweden, to Zurich, Switzerland. The projects combine aesthetics and high performance with regard to very low energy demand and low environmental life-cycle impact.

The success of these projects is a result of good design and the rational use of technologies. This volume also provides information on these technologies, including building envelope systems, ventilation systems, heat delivery (often using the ventilation system), heat production, heat storage, electricity production and control systems.

As the demand for such high quality components increases and more planners have experience in the design of such structures, the costs can be expected to continue to decrease in a situation where energy prices are anticipated to continue to rise. The future for high-performance housing looks very positive!

S. Robert Hastings AEU Architecture, Energy and Environment Ltd Wallisellen, Switzerland

Maria Wall Energy and Building Design Lund University Lund, Sweden

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