Market acceptance and development of home automation systems

A crucial condition for building control systems gaining ground on a larger scale is acceptance by potential users. Interview studies conducted on this subject (Meyer, 2000) suggest that there is an increasing acceptance of these systems. Applications concerning heating control and building security are requested most of all. Besides the users, the suppliers of home automation products play a key role in further distribution. The multitude of manufacturers and suppliers, guided by different approaches and interests, rather confuses potential users, resulting in an attitude of hesitation. Here, the streaming of activities and the detailed information on users is required. Likewise, the sales network and the installation trade are faced with similar demands. In the residential building sector, building services installations are traditionally executed by two building disciplines - namely, by electricians, plumbers and heating engineers. Accordingly, the sales networks for products of both trades were organized separately. The economic use of home automation systems, however, requires interdisciplinary application and execution of works. The reduction of these impediments will help to accelerate the establishment of this promising new technology in the residential building sector.

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