Overheating protection by nighttime ventilation

Increased air change rates in summer (nighttime ventilation) by opening the windows in private houses can enhance thermal comfort considerably. This should be more effective for solar wall gains than for direct gains because of the nighttime disposal of heat. When surplus gains reach the room, the ambient temperatures are, in most cases, already low enough for cooling purposes. Results from dynamical simulations are compared showing the effects of overhangs and ventilation (see Figure 9.4.11).

Source: Fachverband TWD e.V. Gundelfingen, Germany

Figure 9.4.11 Room temperature distribution based on dynamical simulations of the reference row house with 10 m2 high-performance TI with 1 m balcony compared to the house without TI and balcony (both nighttime ventilation with 2 air changes per hour)

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