Administrative Area

One portion of the police facility should be reserved exclusively for the administrative command staff. This staff includes the chief of police, planning and inspectional services commanders, and the commanders of the primary organizational entities with departmentwide jurisdiction, such as the uniformed division, criminal investiga tion division, administrative services division, and technical services division.

Chief of Police

Immediate public access to the chief of police is not always necessary or desirable. Many citizens with minor problems, who at first demand to see the chief, can have their problems ade quately resolved by talking to subordinate personnel. Constant interruptions of this sorl would distract the chief from his primary obligations to the department. Thus, we recommend an office area that is aw ay from the mainstream of public and staff, preferably near the rear of a one-story building or on the second floor of a two-story building. It is customary and worthwhile far the chief to have a private entronce, private toilet facility, closet, and a conference room immedi ately adjacent to his office. The normal space allowance for the chief's private office should be approximately 300 square feet. The separate con ference room should be large enough to seat all officers above the rank of lieutenant, i.e., the executive staff, Access to the conference room should be from both the chief's office and from a common hallway for staff use.

The chief should be provided with a private secretary ond, in larger agencies, an administrative officer, These two staff assistants should, of course, be provided sufficient office space ¡mrne diately adjacent to Ihe chief's offices.

Figure 3 shows made) layouts far the office of the chief of police in cities of varying size, Figure 4 shows model layouts for conference rooms.

Executive Command Stoff The chief's executive staff should occupy offices which surround his own. Each staff office should be approximately 200 square feet in size. These staff offices could conceivably share secretarial services, e.g., one secretory for every two staff commonders,


The public entrance into a police facility should be primarily through a single main entranceway into a common lobby. This single public entrance should be controlled and supervised from the cen tral records center.

This central records center should be placed in full view of the main facility entrance. The location should be such lhat records personnel can individually screen all citizens entering the building, Provision should be made in the lobby area far public seating, public telephones, showcases for display af exhibits, and public rest-rooms. The public restrooms should be constructed of materials that would limit damage to the building in the event af a concealed, incendiary explosion.

The records area should be separated by glass from the public areas and staff access counter to ensure complete security of the entire records area.

The majority of persons visiting the police station will have business at the records center. Therefore, a public counter should be part of the records center. The employees in the records cen ter can then handle inquiries or refer callers la the proper official or office. As o general rule, the building should be planned to reduce the ne cesstty af having the public wander about the building seeking assistance. Public circulation within the building should be controlled and limited by separating Ihe public lobby area from other corridors ond doors that should be controlled electrically,

The interior of a police facility should be decorated in a professional manner. Bright, warm, but soft colors combined with careful use of complementary accents should greet the public. Rotary records systems should enhance the appearance of the records center as well as provide for a oo oo^:

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cities to 16,000 population

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