Bathrooms can be classified into four categories: (1) The conventional three-fixture bath; (2) The lorger, compartmented bath; (3) The lavatory or "guest" bath; and (4) The "utility" bath.

Three-fixture bath; The conventional three-fixture bath without separate compartments hos traditionally been designed for the occupancy ond use of one individual at a time. This type of bath, with combination tub-shower, overages about 40 sq ft of floor space (Fig. 5),

Compartmented bath: To ovoid the ex* cesiive humidity common in the usual three-fixture bath, tub ond shower may be located in a separate comportment, with or without an additional lavatory. This plon also affords greater privacy for use of the toilet, Separate doors, possibly with o small entry, are desirable. Connecting doors between compartments are also possible but are not recommended as the only means of occess (Figs, 6 and 7),

Another variation is to moke the toilet a separate compartment, affording complete privacy. In even the minimum-sited bath of this type there is generally room for an odditional lavatory, ond the bath proper is often enlarged into a combination bath-dressing room. Dressing tables may be a combination of lavatory and table or individual fixtures In the latter cose, tobies should be sufficiently for from lavotories to prevent damage from splashing water.

Table 3. Minimum dimensions for storage of bafhroom linens, including allowance for handling

Adapted from Storage Requirements for Household Textiles, A. Wwhich. At. M. White, and M, Richards, Agricultural Research Bulletin 6J 2, IDe pa rt me n t of .Ayri c u li it re, W ash in ylon, D. C. (19551.

Minimum dimensions, in.


Numb et



Height A' B(-

Bqlh towel*:

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