Auditorium Ano Stage

Maximum Seating Oifliace Even in theaters of

1.200 to 1,500 capacity, the last seat is preferably not over 75 to 100 ft from the staga, and much leas in smaller houses. When balconies are used, the front of the balcony ia preferably within 50 ft of the stage.

Siflht Unas The apron of a forestage may be excluded from view to prevent sight lines angled sharply downward from rear seats- In auditoria of 800 or lass capacity, when balconies are not used, a complete view of tha foraatage should be possible. Side proscenia of encircling stages do not require perfect eight lines; balconies may help improve them- Sight lines for the side seats in the auditorium should permit a minimum of two-thirds of the main acting apace to be seen through the conventional proscenium; conversely, care should be taken that areas beyond the acting space are masked,

Stating Facilities Seat spacing preferably always exceeds the minimum of the New York Code of 32 in., beck-to-back, and, if possible, seats are not less than 20 in. on centers. Use of "Continental" seating, in which each seat row becomes an aiale, should be limited to small auditoria, where it does not force the rear row to be located too far from the stage. Aiale widths and number of aisles are generally determined by building codas.

Auditorium Capacity and Type Need to vary the capacity of an 600-saat auditorium ia not urgent, However, when necessary, this may be accomplished with curtains, placed in such a way. perhaps under the lip of a balcony or at a natural break in the auditorium, that they do not appear to change the essential proportions of the auditorium. Empty seats visible to actors are a detriment to good performances. Experts should be consulted as to the acoustical effect on the auditorium- A solid partition will vary probably cause havoc in the acoustics.

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