Basic Dimensions

Space is required not only for the use of particular fixtures but also between fixtures for cleaning purposes and for assisting another person (such as a small child or elderly adult). Thete last two factors are often completely overlooked. For economy of space, required clearances for each fixture may sometimes overlap (Fig. 8), bathrooms

Recent research has provided some recommendations lor the space required around the three basic fixtures; lavatory, toilet, ond bathtub and shower. The basic clearances are given in Tables 1 and 2 and Figs, 1-3.

MuceZ/aneoyj activities

In planning the bathroom, the designer should remember that fomilies with infants usually prefer to bathe them in the bathroom. The lock of adequate space hasĀ» in the past, caused many families to use the kitchen, which obviously is less appropriate for this activity than the both. The minimum space needed to bathe and dress an infont is 1 ft 6\'* in, deep by 4 ft 11 in. wide by 3 ft high.

In addition, other important activities are often performed in the bathroom. Most women, at least occasionally, launder small items in the bathroom, and provision for this should be made. Many adults, ond children, like to use the bathroom for dressing. Since this requires a considerable amount of space, it should be provided only when requested.

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