Basic Seating Oata

Seating standards for use in theaters, auditoriums and similar buildings are developed on this and the following pages, which give tabular data and methods for laying out seating plans. Material is the result of research by Frederic Arden Pawley. Sources include sealing manufacturers end architectural offices specializing in theaters.

Types of Seats

Construction and Finish Upholstery variations include spring-edge seats (most luxurious, more expensive); ho* spring (nearly as comfortable);

spring-back, and padded-hack Veneer-back seating is suitable only for conditions subject to hard usage, as in schools, Acoustical control is more satisfactory with upholstered types.

Sires Seats are designated by width, the depth front-to-back varying only slighily. Common sifes and recommended uses are shown below. In pew seating without individual arms, as in churches or arenas, a sitting" is usually IB in. wide.

Pitch Of Bach This will vary according to the veriical angle ol vision to the center of interest. In general, greater pitches are used for front portions of orchestra floors and more nearly vertical backs for elevated banks such as balconies.

Clearances In addition to those noted diagram-matically below, the following points should be considered; Coves at intersection of floor and walls (or risers) should be kept small (1 '/r in. radius) to permit close lifting and leveling of seat standards, Balcony risers cause cramped knee-room when 12 in. high unless back-lo-back seat spacing is increased. End clearances in balconies should be increased to 2'¿-in. Pitch of back greater than average (see Fig. 7) also requires increased back-to-back spacing.

I'min. clearance


RISER QStor balcony


WBWIITTIf Nff i'miaclearance

INCORRECT-Sranöam ser ri$ht a^alnsf waH.if af an^le, causes seat back to scrape

Afantyz (seat rowan) and ÖVH'plIÜl back CORRECT-Sef standard Tar enough from wall to allow 1" clearance at back

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