Activities commonly performed in the bathroom include washing of hands, face, and hair, bathing, elimination, and grooming, and also such activities as hand laundering and infant care. Often it is also used as a dressing room Major problems in bathroom design include planning for optimum convenience and privacy of all bathroom functions for all members of the household, adequate provision for storage of supplies and equipment, and ease of cleaning.

Some general planning guides are as fa flaws':


Facilities should be conveniently arranged, with special attention given to clearances. The room arrangement should

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permit more than one family member to use its facilities at the same time IFig. 8),


Lighting should be adequate for all of the activities performed. For grooming, direct sources of light are essential in order to illuminate the face from all angles. High strip windows, clerestory windows, and skylights provide excellent over-alt illumination in the daytime, while still affording privacy. Luminous ceilings are also effective, particularly in inferior bathrooms.


Good ventilation is essential in bathrooms, both to reduce humidity and to dispel odors. If a window Is relied upon as the sole means of ventilation, care should be taken in its selection and placement to minimize drafts and to permit easy access. Exhaust fans in the wall or celling ore often used to supplement natural ventilation. In interior bathroom spaces, a mechanical exhaust is, of course, essential.

Sound control

Lack of acoustical privacy is one of the most common complaints with regard to bathrooms. Noise can be reduced by proper placement of the bathroom in relation to other spaces, by the use of closets and storage walls as sound barriers between it and adjacent spaces, as well as by the use of soundproof partitions and tightly fitted doors. Acoustical treatment of the ceiling makes the room more comfortable to use and reduces somewhat the amount of sound transmitted through the walls. Acoustical tiles for use in the bathroom should be moisture resistant and easily cleaned.

Auxiliary heot

A heat (amp or a radiant wall panel can be used to provide quick warmth ¡n the bathroom.


If is essential that all surface materials used In the bathroom have moisture-re-distant finishes.



Adequate storage thould be provided for current and reserve supplies. Articles in current use should be located near their place of first use. A closet opening from the bathroom and hallway or laundry Is convenient for such items as bathroom linen and cleaning supplies. Medicine cabinets should be os large at possible since in* creasing numbers of toiletries and medicines ore being used by American families. Hamper space is desirable for toiled linen and clothes. Install a cabinet with a self-contained hamper, or, in two-story houses, install a chute from the second floor to the laundry. The minimum requirement! for storage of bathroom linens, bated on recent research, are shown in Table 3.

increased caunfertop space

Larger lavatories and increased counter-top surfaces provide excellent facilities for light laundry, hair washing, and bathing and dressing the baby.

Children's convenience

Children's height should be considered ♦n the placement of accessory equipment, A dental lavatory con double as a child's lavatory. If a combination lavatory-dressing table is installed, a step-up retractable stool should be provided for children's use.


An atmosphere of luxury and spaciousness is created by mirrors, A full-length mirror is always desirable. Alto recommended is a medicine cabinet with a three-way combination of mirrored doors on either side and a mirror in the center.

Safety features

Grab bars should be used verticolly ft bathtub and thower and should be located for convenient use. They should be of adequate size and securely fastened to sturdy backing or ttudt. Use nonskid finishes for flooring. Install a door lock that opens automatically from the inside, and from the outside in cate of emergency. Locate light switches out of reach of the bathtub or shower—preferably juit outside the bathroom, Electric or radiant heaters should be recessed or protected. Provide a lock for medicine compartments.

Drying foci lit ies and accessories

Add extra racks for drying women's hote and other light laundry. Racks may be concealed in well-ventilated cabinets, which, if desired, may include a receptacle for a low-wattage light bulb to facilitate drying. Sufficient robe hooks, bag hooks.

Table Space required at the lavatory and bathtub


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