whether drawers or trays are to be provided In the closet or wardrobe for such items as hove in the past been kept in bureaus or other pieces of furniture. Some typical closet plans are illustrated in Fig. 4; suggested layouts for bedroom closets for men, women, and children ore shown in Figs. 5-9.

Coat c/oiets, located near the entrance doors, are sometimes made 2 or 3 in. deeper than bedroom closets, to allow for the bulkiness of some overcoats, ond to permit better air circulation around the garments which are often damp when hung in the closet. Several designs for coat closets are shown in figs. 10 and 14.

Closet for cleaning equipment: The dimensions of the storage space needed for cleaning equipment will depend in lorge part upon the type of vacuum cleaner used: horizontal, upright, or canister; recommended dimensions for each type are shown in Fig, 11, Since families may change from one type of vacuum cteoner to another, the cleaning closet should be made large enough for any type. The closet should be located as near the center of the House as possible, and should be provided with a convenience receptacle so that the vacuum cleaner can be left connected and can reach most oreas of the house. A suggested design for o cleaning equipment closet is shown in Fig. 12.

Storage for bedroom /inens and bedding; limited and liberal lists of articles of bedding that require storage, ond the minimum dimensions of the space required, are shown in Table 1.

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