provided for storing charts and diagramst consideration should be given the need for easy identification and accessibility.

Full-scale skeletons and models of the human body, preferably mounted on a small carl for easy transportation, should be stored in full-size closets. Smnll models of pnrts of the human body may be stored in wall cabinets with glazed doors tor easy identification. It may be preferable to store certain audiovisual items within the room in which they are used. In addition, a general storage area or room is required, and provision for storing teaching machines should be made.

A building with more than one story wilt need at least one service elevator for transporting heavy equipment

Research Facilities

Research facilities will be required only by the baccalaureate and graduate nursing education programs. Typical laboratory arrangements are shown in Fig. 1 1.

In some instances, nursing education programs will need to develop research facilities either for graduate students or faculty members, The amount of laboratory space required depends upon the type of research program offered. Therefore, before architectural plans are developed, ihe needs should be carefully evaluated and defined by the faculty members and others who will use the laboratory facilities.

The building program for research facilities will vary among schools since it must be based on each school s individual requirements. Research facilities may include:

* Biological science laboratories

* Behavioral science laboratories

* The data analysis room including offices and conference room

* Multipurpose project roorn(s)

Biological Science Laboratories Biological scionce laboratories will need the following spaces.

* Separate offices for each researcher

* Storage or supply preparation room to servo several laboratories, for equipment, glassware, and supplies

* Deluge shower and eye bath for emergencies

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