College And University Facilities

Resource Facilities; Large-Group Facilities these adjunct spaces may include project areas, conference rooms, and other smaller-group activities used to complement large-group presentation,

Large-group instruction can include learning functions other then the simple presentation of information. Manipulative ond laboratory typos of experiences heve been employed for many years, and this study suggests a combination of laboratory and lecture^demonstrotion functions within the same facility, The resulting lecture laboratory'1 permits tho experimentel end information presentation functions to be carried on simultaneously and without changing rooms. The advantages of being able to demonstrate and present information to a group ot students seated at laboratory stations is one that may help overcome the problems of amalgamating media and instruction in science areas

The lecture laboratory is e suite of facilities including a targe area containing over a hundred student laboratory-desk stations, two smaller demonstretion and special equipment areas, a rear projection area, a special projects room, and storage and preparation space serving all parts of the facility. The student area is arranged on three platforms with a ramp at one side for wheeling in special equipment, reagents, and other materials for student use. Each laboratory station consists of a stand-up, sit-down work area with complete utilities serving every two students. The smaller demonstration areas in the front of the room permit small groups of students to work more intimotaly as a toam or with an instructor, and also provides space tor spociel equipment used by students during the laboratory exorcises; these can be shielded from the larger area by movable partitions. (See Fig 1.|

The projection area allows two tO-H images to be projected simultaneously, and further information display can be provided through two overhead projectors. The front of the room also provides area for demonstrations which era prepared and supplied from the adjacent work and storage room. These types of demonstrations will probably be magnified by closed-circuit TV and projected on the rear projection screen.

Production-Support Facilities

To reiterate a basic point, the effective and efficient utilization of learning medio in education requires three brood types of space-learning spocos, resource facilities, end production-instructional support facilities In addition to classrooms, lecture rooms, laboratories, ond seminar rooms designed and equipped with appropriate media, it is necessary that film, slide, and tape materials and other media resources bo made accessible to students and staff for individual use. Also, facilities must be provided in which learning media may be produced ond which house the stoff ond functions that support tho teaching faculty in their work.

Tho following points are offered as guidance in tho design and planning of produclionol-instructionol support facilities:

1, Production ond support functions snd in turn their facilities vary in complexity end size with their location and level within the educational system. Within an academic department or "little school," simple fecilities should be ovaitable for teachers ond students to produce transparencies, photocopies, slides, multiple copies, grephs, snd cherts. Usually, this local, simple production area will be located within

Stand -up/sit-down laboratory work stations

Demonstration table with overheod projection with overheod projection

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