Combined Livingsleeping Areas

Fig. 3 0-6edroom living unit far wheelchair user.*

In housing for the elderly and handicapped, the units suitable tor wheelchair users often con be placed advantageously on Ihe ground floor {Fig. 3).

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Fig. 3 0-6edroom living unit far wheelchair user.*

Omission of an easy chair is acceptable to give more space for occupant's wheelchair (Fig. 4).

* From "Manual of Acceptable Practices/' Vol. A, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1973.

Fig. 4 O-Bedroom living unit for wheelchair user.1


The kitchen Is not o specialized workroom, for it has many uses. It is used for preparation of meals, food preservation, storage of food and utensils, and also, in many cases, for eating, foundering, enter-taming, and child care. In it a woman uses her own labor and also makes full use of electric power, tap water, and manufactured or bottled gas; she uses refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, mixers, toasters, and garboge-disposal units, as well as various kinds of storoge compartments and work surfaces.

Since more time and effort are frequently spent in the kitchen than in any other area of the house, careful planning is especially important. This requires careful selection of appliances and storage units and convenient arrangement of the area, Some general planning guides are as follows:

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