Fig. 10 Library facilities fot a diploma nursing program

oratories, the following Bhould bo considered

1. Waiting room or area. suitably furnished for adults or adults with children

2. Play nursery for children with provision to oversee ihe activities from the waiting room. Special attention should be paid to acouslical treatment of this room and its decor.

3. Interviewing rooms, with adjacent observation room, separated by one-way glass viewing partition. (Items 2-5 cited above also apply here.)

Faculty Offices

Faculty offices may be grouped together to form the faculty offices suite. In programs having a small faculty, administrative and business office« may bo grouped together with faculty offices forming a unit that is separate in character from ihe teaching spaces. (See Fig, 7.) In addition to offices for each faculty member, one or more offices might bo pro« vided for guest lecturers or visiting faculty.

The faculty offices suite should include

- Individual offices for each faculty member, Each office should have ample space for furniture, bookcases or shelves, and files.

* Conference room or rooms, The size of the conference room depends on the number of people to be accornmodeled. Chalkboards and tack boards are necessary in these rooms.

* Faculty lounge. An alcove or small room off the lounge may be provided to accommodate a kitchenette unit and a counter with sink and storage cabinets underneath.

* Toilet facilities including a washroom and locker room or lockers, located in proximity to the lounge or adjoining if. An alcove off the washroom or smalt room accommodating a sofa, cot. or other suitable furniture might be considered,

* Graduate assistants' office. This room should be furnished with desks for use of teaching assistants or graduate assistants.

In addition to the teaching machines located elsewhere in the school for students' use. some teaching machines may be needed in the faculty office suite for use by members of the faculty who may be engaged in developing programed materials.

Data Analysis Room The data analysis room will require space tor calculating machines, tables, and office-type furniture Area allocation should be made for storing dala, Other requirements include individual offices and a conference room that can be used by research personnel .

Offices and Ancillary Supporting Areas Requirements for office space and for supporting areas and services will vary from school to school. Each program, therefore, should determine its particular needs- Some of the spaces to be considered include:

1. A lobby and reception area with an in* formation desk as a point of control, The information desk or counter may be incorporated in the general office. In small schools the lobby or recaption area may also be the secretary's office and the secretary may also be the receptionist. Toilet facilities for visitors should be conveniently located,

2. General office including space for secretarial staff. The amount of space needed will be based on the ratio of secretaries to faculty members established by the school s policy

3. Space tor tiling cabinets for the students' active records. This may be either a part of the general office or a small room directly accessible from the general office. A storage area should be provided for inactive ftles, Programs organized under hospital control must provide space for permanent storage of student and school records,

4. Space for duplicating equipment including a counter with sink and storage cabinets underneath. This space may be either an alcove in the general office or a small room directly accessible from the general office.

5. Storage room for stationery directly accessible from the general office.

6. Small room for receiving, dispatching, and distributing mail and packages. This room also may serve as a message center for faculty members,

7. An intercommunication control system (switchboard) within the general office. Intercommunication between ihe rooms within the facility for nursing education is highly desirable. Outside calls should be handled by one person who would transfer them to the party concerned or, when necessary, take messages.

8. Wall space should ba allocated for official bulletin boards either in the lobby waiting area or outside the general office.

9, Storage room for miscellaneous office equipment or furniture.

10. An office for the dean or director The office should be large enough to accommodate several people for small conferences. A private toilet room with handwashing facilities and a coat closet adjacent to this office is highly desirable. (See Fig, 7.)

1 1. An office for a secretary adjoining or accessible to the office of the dean or director.

12, Office or offices for assistants or associates of the dean or director. These offices should either be adjacent or in proximity to the office of the dean or director,

13, Office for registrar with ample space for filing cabinets.

14, Office tor admissions officer with ample space for filing cabinets.

15, Students health service and observation area,

16, Office for students' counselor, incorporating wailing area.

17, Office for graduate assistants and fellows. each of whom should have a desk.

18, Janitors' closers and storage space of housekeeping supplies.

Students' Facilities

Provision of student facilities should be governed by such factors as enrollment and the schools physical setting. Whether the facility is a »elf-contained unii or is a part of a larger education complex is an important consideration. The needs should be evaluated and established individually tor each program.

Spaces tor the following should be considered:

■ Toilet room and washroom tor women students with adjoining room or alcove to accommodate a sofa or cot.

• Toilet room and washroom tor mate students. if any,

• Locker rooms or lockers in corridors.

• A student lounge may be found desirable.

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