Dining Areas

Furniture Clearance»

To assure adequate space for convenient use of the dining area, not less than the fallowing clearances from the edge of the dining table should be observed.

32 in for chairs plus access thereto 38 in for chairs plus access and passage 42 in for serving from behind chair 24 in for passage only

48 in from table to base cabinet (in dining-kitchen)

Figures 4, 5, and 6 illustrate proper clearances-Various arrangements appear on the next page.

38" for chai rs plus passage

Fig. A Dining room for A-person. 3 ljedroom living unit.'

To kitchen

Fig. 6 Minimum clearance* for dining areas. (o) one end of tabid against wall; :t>) serving tram one end and one tid* of table. Source; "Housing for The Elderly Development Process," Michigan State Kou.ing De veiapment Authority, ^97i

• From "Manuoi of Acceptable Ptoclices," Vol. U.S. De-porlmenl ot Housing and Urban Development, 1973.

t La IAS

1. Minimum requires 2-ft buffet space on one side only; 3' more length is needed for extension table.

2. Typical dining-room suite, as used in East and on West Coast, requires furniture space on 1wo sides of room.

3. Long narrow area with some waste space results when wall pieces are at ends, and end entrance is needed.

4. Solid lines indicate minimum room with corner cupboards, no wall furniture. Dotted lines indicate added space for 3' breakfast table.

5. Table-and-passage unit in one corner permits use of minimum space for multiple activities; piario may be replaced by desk, love seat, etc.

6. Spaces smaller than the usual minimum can be utilized if built-in seats are Included; seating and table-service comfort are sacrificed.

7. The same set of clearances applies to the seldom used round table as to the more popular oblong table.

8. Arrangement of typical suite in larger-than-minimum space, when a used at serving door.

screen ts

9. Dining rooms with fireplaces have to be larger than minimum for the comfort of those seated at table.


dining areas

Chair only

a 2'<fi

b 4"

Human passage only

a 3:-4"

b 1-8"

Passage tor fray service

a 4-10*

b 3-2"


Min. Dimensions for Tray Service

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