Dining Room

The principal factors To be considered rn planning the dining area are as follows

(1) Number of persons to be seated;

(2) Space used at the table; (3) Space for chairs and for passage behind them; (4) Sealing arrangement; (5) Size and type of furniture,- and (6) Storage space for china, glassware, silver, and linen-

Recommended space dimensions, based on recent research, are provided below. SIZE OF PLACE SETTING

The minimum width needed for each place setting is 21 in.; however, a width of up to 29 in. is desirable for greater freedom of movement. A 25-in, width is usually adequate; this permits chairs 19 In. wide to be placed 6 in. apart. The minimum depth for o ploce setting is 14 ¡n. These dimensions allow space for china, glassware, silver, and elbow extension (See Fig, )).

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