There must be a permanent dining place within each dwelling unit for the independent elderly. Depending on the program, the space muy be rAV.i" vfW

Fig. 4 Kitchen activity pattern—meal preparation

eliminated from units which ore part of formol congregate care programs. This place may be within or outside of the food preparation area. Secondary activities will naturally occur within this orea such os table games, letter writing ond paper work, and hobbies. (See Tigs. 8 and P.)

Accessibility Because of the arroy of activities thot will be carried out. the dining area should have direct accessibility to:

• Food preparation, to facilitate serving of food ond cleaning of dishes

. Living area

The dining area may hove only indirect (minor intervening activity or circulation path) accessibility (0:

* Entry/exit

■ Private outdoor

These relationships should be subordinated to the requirements of relationship to the food prepora tion and living areas. There should be no direct accessibility between the dining activity and:

p Sleeping/dressing

- Persona! hygiene

There should be direct visual/audio accessibility between the dining ond the food preparation areas. Dependent upon unit organization, there may be direct visual/audio relationship between the dining ond living areas; however, in such a case there should be no visual connection between the food preparation and living areas through the dining area. Visual/audio contact between the dining area arid the very private areas such as sleeping/dressing and personal hygiene should be minimal or entirely eliminated.

Orientation Wherever possible, the dining areo should hove views out of the dwelling unit and should also hove morning sunlight- Where the orientation is western, it is important to control the harsh effects of the setting sun. Because other

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