Dressing Rooms

wagons. When the encircling stage is used with all panels open, wagons are dispensed with and scenery is formalized. If structurally possible, the entire proscenium should be unimpeded by fined columns. However, two columns placed at either side of an imaginary proscenium may be very useful for concealing vertical banks of lights. These light housings (in this case the columns) are called "tormentors," and are preferably movable. (See Fig. 3.)

Diagram of the encircling stage shows three spaces for two wagons (excluding the shop). It there is unlimited space, more wagons may be made available; but the ensuing complications are considerable and the gains small. The encircling stage becomes less practical as the size of the auditorium increases. Evert with auditoria for 600, good sight lines are difficult to obtain unless stage area is substantially increased, ll should be noticed, however, that productions which need side stages do not require perfect sight lines

One may conclude that encircling stages ore both economically and functionally desirable for the smallest auditoria, while for those of 800 seats and up, their cost may become prohibitive.

Outdoor Stage Sire ol outdoor auditoria varies considerably The stage, of necessity, is some what formalized If possible it should have immediate access to the inside stage, preferably through the wall, unless this arrangement is prevented by a built-in cyclorarna

Stage Shop Adequate area is a prime consideration. Equally important is tho height to be allowed for the paint frame When the conventional type of stage, with gridiron, is used, the height tor a paint frame is at least 30 ft. Even with the comparatively low "encircling" stage, a 30-ft paint frome is necessary, since the effective height of scenery remains the same. It is possible to rig the paint frame on the rear wall of the auditorium, or on a stage wall However, when this is done, no scenery can be painted on the frame during productions or during rehearsals. The shop is the canter of most of the dramatic activities and includes subdivisions for carpentry, electrical, metal, and painting work. It should be provided with good outside lighl, preferably diffused It should immediately adjoin the stage storage space, the desirable clear ceiling height of which is 15 ft Less height can be used in storage spaces, but this necessitates laying flats on their sides, which is considered unsatisfactory.

Costume Shop This, too, is a vital element in the community theater, because, of necessity, most of the costumes are made on the premises. The costume-storage space should adjoin the costume shop.


Dressing Rooms Requirements for individual dressing rooms vary, depending upon the likelihood of producing professional shows and the funds available Most satisfactory would be provisions for 1 8 to 20 actors in a number of dressing rooms, each providing for 3 to 4 actors, and two chorus rooms, one for men and one for women, each providing for about 20 actors. One chorus room may be used as a Green Room or lounge for actors.

R&lteafS&l Rooms The number ol rehearsal rooms is determined entirely by how much use is made of the building and how often the stage is available tor rehearsal. Rehearsal rooms should be in the same proportion and somewhat larger than the acting area of the stage; and, acoustically, should reproduce stage conditions as closely as possible, The public lounge, adjacent to the auditorium lobby, may also serve for rehearsals.

Modular Stage Structure Drawing

Arts ccitter. The prosconium stage at Sarah Lawrence Collage, Bronxville, N.Y. Architect: Marcel Brauer. Consultants: Stanley C. McCandless, E. C. Cola, Sidney K. Wolfe. This multipurpose auditorium (capacity 500) is steeply rakod and the stage floor is low to allow better audience perspective, especially for dance performances. Alternate rows of seats are removable to permit installation of tables or desks. The lighting gallery is close to the stage so that the control board operator's sight lines are similar to those ol the spectators. The backstage wall opens onto tennis courts so the stage may be used for outdooi performances, commencement exercises, and special events.


NOTE: Mo fixed opacification® have yet been drawn which ara applicable to outdoor theaters everywhere The following suggestions should be regarded as tentative, to be modified to suit particular local needs and available facilities.

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