At left, plan of typical costume shop. Good light, preferably natural, is essential for sewing machines. In many respects the costume shop is similar to the sewing department of a modern high school.

Plan, conventional type of stage

Heavy dotted line in section of encircling stage indicates variable position of forestage. Cyctorama shown in conventional stage must be flown when scenery is brought in from ihop. Trapped space on conventional plan, and center position of scene wagon on encircling stage, indicate acting areas. Scene wagons travel on tracks whose positions must be carefully plotted so wagons will clear cyclorama and tormentors. Since one purpose of the encircling stage is to facilitate other productions than the usual "picture-framed" type, emphasis on proscenium as a frame should be reduced to a minimum.

Plan, encircling stage (wagon-type) In the stage shop are made scenery 331

and properties. Facilities for woodworking, metalworking.

and painting, and storage space for lumber, nails, tools, canvas, and painting materials, are all needed.



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