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Multipurpose Rooms service entrance. The roam is opened up to the two wide corridors an arrangement that permits overflow seating during special assemblies or public performances. The openings can be closed with drapes when desired. The openness reduces traffic congestion and discipline problems.

This cafeteria-assembly room (Fig. 60) is opened up on two sides, with the kitchen at one end. Overflow seating is available on the corridor side. The plan provides space for an adequate program within a limited budget.

The following information and drawings are primarily concerned with large areas in school buildings which are designed and equipped for two or more group activities. The most frequently used room combinations include assembly-cafeteria, ussembly-cafeteria-gym-nasium, assembly-gymnasium, and a student activity area where many small learning centers may operate at one time,


The assembly-cafeteria combination is popular because the room can be designed with a pleasing environment for both eating and assembly. This type of room is also more adaptable to scheduling without limiting other phases of the educational program.

The room should be furnished with tables that can be quickly moved into a nearby storage area A large portable folding unit containing table and benches has proved satisfactory for elementary schools. Tables that fold into the wall are olso available. Many high schools prefer the smaller folding table and stacking chairs, which permit a more informal and flexible arrangement.

This type of room should have a stage, stage curtain, backdrops, and adequate lighting for dramatic presentations.

Student traffic flow in this area should be planned. Minimum cross traffic is essential during the lunch period when children are carrying food. During student assembly periods good circulation may reduce discipline problems.


The assembly-cafeteria-gymnasium combination can be found in schools where limited funds are available. This arrangement may seriously curtail the educational program. The time necessary to set up the cafeteria furniture, feed the children, clean the room, and remove the cafeteria furniture will consume a large portion of the school day. The remaining time available for physical and assembly activities may be insufficient for a good program. It is also difficult for the architect to design a room in which the almosphere is conducive to dining, physical education, and assembly productions.


The assembly'gymnasium combination is a possible solution to seating the total student enrollment when a small or no auditorium is available. This area should be designed with a stage that can also be used for physical activity. Storage space will be needed for chairs, gymnasium equipment, and stage equipment. Acoustics, lighting, ventilation, and traffic flow should be adequate for assembly and physical education. This arrangement is not considered as satisfactory as the assembly-cafeteria combination.

Adequate chair storage is provided in this cafeteria-assembly combination (Fig. 61) for an

Fig. 58

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