Fha Requirements For Kitchen


Total shelf area; 50 sq ft minimum; not

] From Minimum Property Standards for One and Two Living Units, Federal Housing Administration, Washington, D C. (Revised, July 1959).

less than 20 sq ft in either wall or base cabinets.

Total cownterfop areo; 11 sq ft minimum, Total drawer area, 11 sq ft minimum. (If a 39-in, range is provided, It may be counted as 4 sq ft of base cabinet shelf area ond 2 sq ft of countertop area.) Wall shelving: 74 in. maximum height. Countertop; 38 in. moximum height, 30 in. minimum height.

Height between wall cabinets ond counter-top: 24 in. minimum over range and sink, 15 in. minimum elsewhere. (Shelving may be closer if it does not project beyond a line drawn from the front edge of the wall cabinet at an angle of 60 deg to the bottom of the cabinet,) Depth of shelving; wall shelving—4 in. minimum, 18 in, maximum; base shelving—

Table 2, Equipment and food supplr

In addition to the items listed below, allow space for hand tools [such ax ran opener, small vegetable brnsht paring knives, rubber plate scraper)f cleaning supplies [such as stored at sink center soap, soap powder, cleanser, paper towels), garbage and trash containers, and possibly a stool for sitting.

Number stored Storage space per /fem, in.*

Item Side Front to to

Urn/fed libera/ side back Height fquipmenf

Dishpons, nested

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