Food Preparation

The physical characteristics of the aged hamper the normal functions of food preparation, cooking, food and utensil storage, trash disposal, dish washing and drying, and eating. If appropriate physical design adaptation is not made to the food preparation spoce and facilities, cooking and related activities will become unpleasant, tedious, and possibly dangerous. The net effect will be the creation of a psychological barrier which deters the user from cooking ond eating. This situation is particularly unacceptable because dietary problems can become acute for the aged.

Accessibitity The food preparation area should be directly accessible to the main entry/exit of the dwelling unit to facilitate carrying of bundles. It should also be directly accessible to the dining area. If the dining area is outside of the kitchen, a small eating surface in the kitchen for breakfast or light meals should be provided. This can be a small table, counter, or pull out shelf about

Fig. 2 The foyer.

24 by 24 inches, set at table height and usable from a wheelchair. The food preparation area should be indirectly accessible to, but visually screened from the living, sleeping, personal hygiene, and private outdoor areas of the dwelling unit. Of these, access should be most direct to the private outdoor space. In all cases, indirect access should be through easily traversed interme díate spaces or corridors.

Visual and audio contact to the entry/exit area should be maintained, while audio contact to the living, sleeping, and personal hygiene areas should be minimized. (See Fig, 3.]

Orientation Often food preparation areas are located ot the rear of dwelling units, but, where possible, this should be avoided. The kitchen should be located on on outside wall with an interesting view from a window and it should have morning sunlight if possible.

Punishability and Equipment The necessary equipment for food preparation and related activities ¡S:

■ Ventilation, both mechanical and natural, to eliminate heat and odors

• Sinks and associated work space

■ Cooking unit and oven with associated work space

- Refrigerator and freezer with associated loading ond unloading counter space

• Storage consisting of wall and base cabinets and pantry

• Dishwasher, optional but should be included where possible

• Dining counter (where formal dining space is outside of the kitchen]

• Clothes wosher and dryer; location in the unit is optional, but the kitchen is a good location when this option is exercised mÁ A^Uj^ri

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