Fig. 75

Plant and Animal Room

The plant and animal room should he located adjacent to the biology laboratory, possibly adjacent to a biology storeroom. Easy access to the outdoors is desirable.

Southern exposure is desirable. This area should be arranged like a greenhouse, with sanitary finishes and a concrete floor with drain so that the room can be hosed down. In addition to sunlight, ihe plant room will require special ventilation and heating so that it does not get cold overnight. Special heating, thermostatically controlled and separate from other parts of the building, should ensure even heating during weekends and holiday periods.

Equipment includes table and racks for plants: growing beds on wheeled tables; animal cages: feeding trays; storage for food, tools, equipment; sink with hot and cold water; hose; pails; hand garden tools; bins for loam, sand, and peat moss.

Chemistry laboratories

Chemistry laboratories should be readily accessible from individual research and prepara tion rooms (see Fig. 75). Laboratory activities include demonstrations, individual and group study and experimentation, writing, viewing projected materials, and lectures.

At a comfortable height there should be student stations for 24 students, consisting of tables with large free working area and all services available: ac and dc variable voltage should be provided. The front wall should be equipped for its entire length with a chalkboard, the center section of which should be raisable. There should be a display rail over all but the raisable section of board On the back wall above the wainscoting level, there should be some corkboard and peghoard with hardware, A fume hoodT accessible from three sides, should be provided.

One end of the room should contain the teacher's desk and a demonstration area with a 5-in.-high dais for demonstration. Demonstration table should have a stone top, spotlight lighting, and a roll-away extension. AJI services should bo provided for the demonstration, including variable ac and dc voltage. Sound cable should be installed in the floor for projection purposes. Provision should be made for darkening the room.

Special attention should be given to the furniture tor this space. As a minimum, it should be acid- and base-resistant and easy to wash and clean. It should include tablet armchairs; teachers combination wardrobe and closet; acid-proof sinks with dilution tank; storage lor chemical supplies; storage space in laboratory tables; normal chemistry laboratory equipment for semi-micro techniques; salt and solution cabinets; three rolling tables to service tables; standard reagent storage areĀ«; locked cupboards for delicate instruments and dangerous chemicals; fire extinguishers and first-aid kits; storage for notebooks and aprons; experiment-sheet filing cabinet; charts and models; projection screen.

Physics Laboratories

Physics laboratories ere used for lectures, demonstrations, viewing projected material, iridic vidual and group study, writing, individual and group experimentation (see Fig. 76).

Around the room on three sides at a comfortable height (higher than the ordinary table) should be a work station for each student,

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