and shelves that con be adjusted. Some drawer-type storage space may be desirable. Apronless tables are recommended.

Special consideration should be given to providing outlets for both 110 and 220 volts in craft activity area —consult with operating


The larger community spaces may provide, if need is established, an area for a branch of the city library, which will furnish book stacks. When the book stacks can be locked or otherwise segregated from the rest of the library, then the area generally used for reading could on occasion be used for small gatherings or other uses—again, flexibility. If possible, Ihis space should be large enough for apronless tobies and for chairs. Since smaller projects seldom con afford a separate library, the lounge may be provided with adjustable shelves for books and periodicals. This same idea, while lass desirable than a separate library, may be considered for large projects.

Health Clinic

A clinic can contribute substantially to the welfare and continued independence of the elderly and physically impaired. Clinic space may be provided when such facilities are not available near the site.

In small developments, the permissible clinic space may consist of an office and examination room for u.A of doctor, ,ii■ 11 111,: .,-k who visit during schftditlad periods.

in larger developments, spaco for ji variety






Fig. 43 Toilet .toll. (o) Plon. (b) El. vol ion. (e) I,oneiric. Source: "An liluiltoted Hondbook of Ae Handicapped Section ol ma North Carolina Stale Building Code," Raleigh, 1977,

of health services may be provided, including physical therapy and hydrotherapy, a special need of the physically impaired. Occupational therapy may ba conducted in the craft activity area. This type of clinic would generally ba active each work day and should have a waiting room with a separate outside entrance permitting nontenant patients to come and go without traversing the lobby or lounge.


Separate washrooms for each sex should be provided in community space. At least one water closet compartment for the semiambu* lant and wheelchair user should be provided in each washroom in addition to other plumbing fixtures.

Fig. 44 Wall-hung toilet—desirable.

The washrooms should be located to permit convenient use by outside visitors to the clinic and tenants using the various activity areas-

The toilet stall illustrated in Fig, 43 is a possible solution for persons using wheelchairs.

Maximum maneuverability for persons using crutches or wheelchairs is provided in toilet stalls, with the toilet fixture set toward either side wall.

Horizontal grab bar« should he installed on the side and rear wait of the water closet compartment. Such bars (1 '¿-in ■ outside diameter) should beat least 4 in. from the wall to prevent pinioning the wrist, hand, or arm in case of a fall. Grab bars should support 250 lb.

The water closet seat should be 18 in. above the floor. A wall-hung closet is most suitable for the semiambulant person "it also makes tor ease of floor cleaning and sanitation. (See Fig . 44 )

Urinals in the man's room should be of the wall-mounted type, also tor sanitary reasons. The front lip of the urinal should be 18 to 19 in. above the floor which is convenient for persons in wheelchairs as well as others (See Fig 45, J

The installation of lavatory and wall mirrors is discussed in the section on "Dwelling Units," under "Bathroom."

A separate staff washroom which can be used by both sexes should be provided in the clinic two washrooms in the large clinic.

on the standard fixture. Persons in wheelchairs can use a children's drinking fountain 31 in. high. Pushbutton control is best for persons with impaired hands. Some drinking fountains are available with both hand and foot control {See Figs, 46 and 47,)

Drinking fountains with paper cup dispensers should hove the dispensing mechanism 30 to 34 in. above the floor. Drinking fountains resting on the floor and projecting into the corridor are a hazard; recessing into wall pockets makes floor cleaning difficult.

Public Telephones, Drinking Fountains, Vending Machines

Public Telephones The standard public telephone booth is not usable for most physically impaired people.

To assist persons with hearing disabilities, telephone receivers should have adjustable amplifiers,

Fig. 46 Semiracessed model with projecting basin is recommended because the wheelchair approach is parallel to the wall. A frontal approach is difficult. Two units may be connected to one water chiller. The second unit should ba sat 40 to 41 in. above the floor and 5 to 6 ft from the other. The water stream rises about 4 In. above the bubbler orifice.

Fig. 47 The floor cabinet model is available with an additive basin; while this two-level unit would serve the dual ute, it is not recommended because of the hazard created ta persons with poor vision and to blind person* who will be uiing the wall handrail.

Fig. 46 Semiracessed model with projecting basin is recommended because the wheelchair approach is parallel to the wall. A frontal approach is difficult. Two units may be connected to one water chiller. The second unit should ba sat 40 to 41 in. above the floor and 5 to 6 ft from the other. The water stream rises about 4 In. above the bubbler orifice.

The pushbutton-dial receiver is more desirable for the impaired than the rotating dial.

The standard coin-box receiver mounted above the table or shelf elevates the coin slot 4 ft above the floor, which is not convenient for some with physical impairments A desk-type telephone, resting on a table or shelf about 31 in. above the floor, is the most convenient {bottom of shelf must clear wheelchair arm rests), For wheelchair users, the desirable height for corn slots is about 3 ft above the floor or 6 in. above the counter top. The local telephone company shoutd be consulted for advice regarding available special and standard equipment which is especially desirable for the physically impaired.

Drinking Fountains The standard adult drinking fountain is satisfactory to alt except wheelchair users. For wheelchair users, the fountain bubbler should be 31 to 33 in. above the floor, Two-level drinking fountains that satisfy both standard and wheelchair height requirements are available, or a low-level unit can be added

Vending Machines The neBd for and location (not in prominent view) of vending machines which dispense soft drinks, etc, should be considered.

Other Areas

The minimum corridor width should be 6 ft-Grab rails should be provided on each side wall. (See chapter on dwelling structures for special assistance to those with poor vision.) The minimum door width should be 3 ft Doors from the corridor to the various rooms, when fully open, should not extend into the corridor. They are a hazard, especially to persons with poor vision.

Consideration should be given to the need for a staff management office. In multistory buildings, such an office should be located to provide an unobtrusive view of the lobby entrance and elevators.

Office space in which tenants may. in privacy, discuss problems with counselors and [which may also serve] for other uses should be considered.

Consideration also should be given to temporary coat and umbrella storage facilities for tenants and visitors using the recreation or multipurpose rooms. This facility is best located where it can be visually supervised. Closed cloakrooms should be avoided.

Certain rooms and storage areas will require locked doors.

Fig. 48 Clearance far central dining-wheelchair uteri.

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