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NURSERY FOR 880 LIVE BIRTHS PER YEAR IN HOSPITAL OF APPROXIMATELY 100 BEBS. The estimated number of premature births divided by 18 (number of 20-day average stay periods in a year) will equal the average number of premature bassinets or incubators required. This figure must be adjusted for 100 per cent occupancy (often assumed at 70 per cent). A premature center nearby would eliminate need for such facilities in the hospital

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COHORT SYSTEM NURSERY FOR 8S0 LIVE BIRTHS PER YEAR IN HOSPITAL OF APPROXIMATELY 100 BEDS, ¡n hospitals using the cohort system, babies born within 48 hours of each other are kept in the same nursery, arriving and leaving together, in theory reducing cross-infection through the elimination of over-lapping of babies with infections. Cohort nurseries are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between discharge of one cohort and admission of the next

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NURSERY FOR 1.500 LIVE BIRTHS PER YEAR IN HOSPITAL OF APPROXIMATELY 200 BEDS. Size of full-term portion of thia nursery, as well as the others shown, is based on estimated number of live births per year less the premature births. This figure is then divided by 73 (the number of five-day average stay periods in a year} and adjusted from this 70 per cent occupancy total to a 100 per cent occupancy figure. Observation bassinets are provided at rate of 10 per cent of full-term bassinets, in nurseries with capacity of 20 or more. In smaller nurseries a minimum of two observation bassinets are provided

Pifl. 2 Plant for nurtoriat in IOO- or 200-bed hotpifaJt.




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