20. Several doors may be accommodated with this type of furniture-group unit arrangement. A traffic lane is assumed to exist at the left end of the room.

21. Notice that a game-table group occupies almost the same floor area as a baby grand piano. Placement at an angle is intended for informal rooms.

_2 a' 5" ___t

22. Larger rooms may contain four or more furniture-group units; ¡t may be desirable to increase clearances. Use of chairs set at angles requires Increased areas.

23. Fireplace chairs set 3'-6" back from center line of fireplace permit occupants to gaze at the fire comfortably. General traffic cannot be accommodated in a ?ft lane.

24. By using love seats instead of pairs of chairs at sides of fireplace, considerable space can be saved even though seats are not placed the minimum distance apart.

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