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Lecture Rooms full width of the room, on which the teacher may walk the length of the board without danger of falling off the end. The chalkboard should ihen be raised correspondingly higher above the classroom floor for better visibility. The mathematics teacher needs a table on which he (she] can place his [her] lecture notes and papers, but it is better to have this table either movable on casters or fixed at the side af the platform where it does not block the view of the chalkboard from the first two rows of students. If an overhead projector is to be used, there must either be a place where it can be mounted permanently at the front of the room, or there must be provision for roiling it in on a cart and connecting it electrically. In the latter case, the front platform might be slightly lower and be accessible by a ramp. The mathematics teacher seldom sits during a lecture but may wish to sit down during an examination. There should be a chair by his [her] table or desk.

A lecture room should be so placed in a building that it is accessible to students without overcrowding of corridors or stairways. Coal racks, ade quate bulletin boards lining the corridors, and ample toilet facilities should be provided nearby. The room itself should be arranged so that the audience can see well, hear well, and be comfortable, In part this depends on temperature, humidity, background of light and sound, and seating space.

Projection Systems The large lecture room should be built lo accommodate a variety of projection systems that may be used immediately or in the more distant future. An overhead projector requires on electrical outlet near the lecturer's table, placed so that the lecturer will not trip over the cord, and also a screen properly mounted to assure that the entire class has good visibility with minimum distortion. Mare screens or a wide screen may be needed to enable the lecturer to use two or more overhead projectors at once. If movies. Films, or slides are projected from the rear of the room and reflected from a front screen, the room should have a projection booth, or at least a suitable stand and electrical outlet for the pro jector. Remote controls for operating the projector are desirable. Shades may be required for darkening a room with windows, If the "rear screen" method of projection is to be used, in which the image is thrown onto a translucent screen mounted in the front wall from a projector in an adjacent room beyond the front wall, the building plans must include adequate provision for this projection room.

A room or space for the preparation of transparencies or other visuals ts a corollary of their use. Material can be prepared on ordinary paper and copied quickly onto a transparency by a fher mal duplicator or similar equipment. Such copies can be posted after the lecture for inspection by students. Storage for such materials must also be provided, as well as for any materials distributed to students to supplement their lecture notes.

Provision for receiving and transmitting television is also an important consideration in planning a lecture roam for large group instruction.

Seating and Visibility Good visibility depends not only on the arrangement of chalkboards and of projection screens and equipment, but also to a large degree upon seating arrangements. Factors to be considered are avoidance of obJ. Sutherland arid John W. McLeod, Building* and Facilities for the Mathematical Science*, Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences, Washington, 1963

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