D. Greenhouse and Floriculture:

i) greenhouse worker;

ii) flower preparation (corsages, etc.).


Fig. 19 (a) Children's physical therapy, (b) Children's occupational therapy.

should be related to a loading dock and truck service ares. The service area should be planned so that it does not interfere with other vehicular or pedestrian circulation -

As patients working in the shop will usually work an eight-hour day, facilities for their comfort should not be overlooked. If the center has no dining facilities, a lunchroom convenient to the shop is recommended, as some patients will bring their lunches with thern Provision of a cafeteria is also considered a desirable facility where the number of patients warrants it.

Most states have specific requirements for rest areas for men and women. These requirements should be checked carefully before planning lounges, toilet facilities, and lockers for the petiente in the workshop.

A small office for the workshop supervisor should be provided, and bo designed that there is maximum supervision of the shop activity from the office. Additional office space will be required for records, cost accounting, and estimating. The size of this area will be determined essentially by the volume of work and number of contracts handled by the workshop.

Physical Therapy Exercise Room The requirements here are similar to those needed in the exercise room for adults, except that the equipment is selected for the child's size and interests. {See Fig. 19.)

The space indicates a minimum e*ercise area staffed by one therapist.

program, facilities for snacks—refrigerator, hot plate, and sink —are indicated. Or locate this facility within the children s treatment and training area to serve the nursery as well as the occupational therapy room.

Exterior circulation involves both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Buses, taxis, automobiles, and service trucks must be considered. Parking spaces should be located so that neither patients nor visitors need cross driveways to enter the building. Separate areas of the parking space should be designated for patient, staff, and visitor use. Appropriate directional signs should be considered for the efficient control of traffic. In some centers where many outpatients drive Iheir own cars, a carport designed for wheelchair patients is a considerable convenience. (See Fig. 20.)

All centers will require e service area for the delivery of equipment, supplies, and fuel. However, centers with kitchen facilities, vocational training programe, and a sheltered workshop will have a greatly increased service problem; and the service area and its relation to other traffic must be studied accordingly.

Adequate maintenance shop facilities are essential. The ahop not only will serve general maintenance purposes, but frequently will be used for the repair, modification, or fabrication of furniture and equipment used in the center.

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