"V- \f doors fold double fop paneling doors roll UP OK DOWN

doors fold.

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draperies slioe on tfeack.s.

doors roll to sides,

-v^www lighting it considered essential and standard In the modern clout unless room light! are located to illuminate fully oil portion! of the closet. A tingle tubular or bulb light with a diffusing reflecior placed juit above the door inside the front of the clout ii usually tufScient. Au torn otic door switches ore tonvenlent.

Ventilation Ii often desirable, particularly In hall closets where damp outer gar. ments or work clothes might be stored. It con be accomplished readily by providing louvers In the cloiet door or by using louver doors.

Types of closets

Closets are required for various purposes, in different parts of the house. Some have airegdy been mentioned In other sections of this volume: kitchen supplies; dinnerware, glassware, ond toble linens (dll-cuiied under "Kitchent")j and bathroom supplies (discussed under 'Bathrooms"), Closets must also be provided for the storage of clothing, bedding, cleaning equipment, books, magozines, and phonograph records, toys ond other children's ond adults' recreation equipment, and certain items such OS luggoge that are used only seasonally or infrequently. The discussion here relates only to "active" storoge space.

Clothes closet: Far clothes closets in bedrooms or dressing rooms, 2 ft is standard depth (2 ft 6 In. if o hook strip is to be used). (See Fig. 2.) This permits clothing to be on hangers on poles, with sufficient clear once. Clothing lengths ore shown In Fifl. 3 Clothes closel width, para lie I to the doors, should be from 3 to 6 Ft per person, depending on amounts of clothing and

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