* For storage on fixed shelves. For storage on sliding shelves or in drawers, deduct 1 to 2 in.

t Number of warm bed coverings owned is normally larger than this, but balance can fee stored in less accessible location than linen closet.

Source: Avis Woolrich, Mary M. White and Margaret A. Richards, Storage Space Requirements for Household Textiles, U*S*DA. Agricultural Research Bulletin €2-2, Washington, 1955.

closets things, Articles of larger dimension» or greater depth should have their special places; linens, for instance, are frequently folded for a 16-in. shelf.

Drawers: Drawers are growing in popularity in closet design because they accommodate numerous articles with a minimum of space and a maximum of convenience. They provide practically dust-free storage and present a neat appearance even when carelessly used. Drawers of different widths ond depths make possible classified "filing" of different Items, thus providing a great saving ¡n time ond an incentive to orderliness. A cabinet made up of a battery of standard drawers, selected for the storage of the known possessions of the user, can easily be made from a comprehensive list, with allowance mode for the accumulation of additional items,

Drawer construction h cabinetwork requiring both skillful craftsmanship and the best moterials. They must operate freely under all seasonal and climatic conditions.

A recent logical outcome of this situation has been the development of molded plastic drawers in a variety of stock sties. Fronts of various materials can be attached All that is required of the builder is the construction of the supporting enclosure.

Pojes.- Hanging pole length con be estimated roughly at 3 in. per hanger for men's suits (4 in. for heavy coats] and 2 in, per hanger for women 'i clothing Height ol pal» above Floor ihould average 64 in., but should be odjuiled to the individual. Clearance between pole and ihelf above should be 3 in. Hardwood pales 1 in. in diameter should have intermediate supports ¡1 over 4 fl In length. Consult manu-foclurers for special-purpose hanging rods, extension poles, brockets, etc.

Haofts: A variety ol hooks ii ovailable

Special feature?: Such special feature) os shoe and Sat rocks ond miscellaneous racks ore on the market and greatly increase convenience in storage-

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