Space required, in. Adequate Minimum FHA minimum


Center axis to adjacent wall 22 20 15


Front edge to opposite wall 36 34 21

Front edge to oppotite tub 30 24 21

Horizontal clearance from front edge of lavatory to 17% —

front edge of thelf 9-15 in. above lavatory Mirror:

Height above floor—top 74 69

Side of tub to opposite wall 34 30

Table 2. Space required at the toilet

Adopted from Bathroom Working Spaces, Monroe, Randallf and Bartlett, Report 82, Maine Agricultural Experiment Station (1959); Minimum Property Standards, Federal Housing Administrationf Washington, D.C. (revised, July 1959). See Fig, t for illustration of dimension*.

Space required, in.

Dimension Adequate Minimum FH A minimum

I Person 2 Persons*


Center axis to adjacent wall

22 16 15

— If wall projects not more than 12 in. — — ^

Center axis to tide of lavatory 18 14 16 in, deep, or less

—Lavatory over 18 in. deep 16 18 14 15

Center axis to side of tub 18 18 16

Center axis to end of tub 16 18 16 12


Front edge to opposite wall 30 34

Front edge to opposite lavatory 30 30 _24 —_

*Space required for owe person to assist another at the toilet (dimension* not shown in Fig. I).

and toothbrush holders should also be provided.


A bathroom should generally be accessible to each bedroom without requiring patsage through another room. A bathroom it desirable near principal indoor living, work, and play areas, and for guest use.

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