' For total nai area foi mi/111 discipline laboratories, see Table 7, ' Special roams will vary with type of lesearch. 1 For central stoiage areas, see Table 6

Audio Room. If an audio room is provided, it should consist of a test room and a control room with a triple-glazed clear-glass observation window between and with acoustical treatment, including reduction of floor vibration.

The test room should have a microphone and a speaker cabinet. The control room should have a sit-down counter with cabinets located on the observation window side.

Physio-optics Room. If the student curriculum includes exercises in physio-optics, a special room will be needed with 20-ft separation between the subject and the vision chart. A sink for hand washing and a eit-down counter for recording are necessary.

Treadmill and Gas Analysis. A room close to the laboratory is preferable. The room should also contain a cot and table for recording.

Supply Room This room should be near the teaching laboratory. Shelving and racks for volatile solvent storage should be within a fire-resistive closet oft the mixing and issue areas. Counter tops, 37 in, high, with gas, air, vacuum« and electrical outlets, cabinets with varying sized drawers, and a sink are required for mixing solutions and preparations for student use. Glassware washing and storage require a large sink, dratnboards. provision for distilled water, and base cabinets for glassware. An issue window is suggested- Space should be allocated for solution carts and assembly of materials to be issued A head technicians office may be required depending on the quantity of material handled.

Depart men r Shop. A minimum machine shop should contain a drill press, a metal lathe, a milling machine, and wood and metal band-saws. A workbench, stock racks, and tool bin are required.

In the electronics area, a sit-down work counter with electrical outleis of appropriate voltages, drawers, and locked storage cabinets tor electronic equipment and space to bring in floor-mounted equipment for testing will be required. Noise and vibration associated with technical shops should be considered in their relation to other areas.

Constant Temperature Rooms. Constant-temperature rooms should have access to the corridor and to a work area. Doors from the corridor should accommodate beds or animal r tNIAOUlLi * 1 «MU 410

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