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Equipment lift

1. Potture Mirror

2. Parallel Bin

4. Suit Ban

5. Gym Mat

6. Stationary Bicycle

7. Sayer Head Sling Attached to Calling

8. Pulley Weight*

9. Shoulder Wheal

10. Gym Mat Hook*

11. Cart with Open Shelves

12. Open Shelves

13. Wheel Chair

14. Shelf

16. Wall Hook*

16. Well Cabinet

17. Lavatory, Goountch Spout

18. Water Clout

19. Hand Rail

20. Wast* Paper Receptacle

21. Portable Equipment 22 Adjustable Chair

23. Whirlpool

24. Chair

25. Table

26. Chair, preferable with arm*

27. Wheal Stretcher

28. Desk

29. ShIhI Chair 30 File Cabinet 31- Bookcase

32. Bulletin Board

33. Wall Daik (counter, shelf below)

34. Lavatory, Gooseneck Spout and Foot Control

35. Wall Cabinet with Lock

36. Treatment Table, Storage below

37. Mirror and Glass Shelf over Lavatory

38. Adjustable Stool

39. Laundry Hamper

40. Sink with Dralnboard

41. Paraffin Bath

42. Gil** Shall over Sink

43. Overbed Trapeze

44. Three Single Outlet* on sepa* rat* branch circuits. 1 outlet 2-pole, 2 outlets 3-pole

45. Folding Door

46. Cubicle Curtain

47. Under Water Exercise Equipment

48. Overhead Lift

49. Coat Rack

50. Telephone Outlet

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