and circulation. Mechanical ventilation is needed to dry wet clothing and avoid odors. However, this plan uses up wall space that might better be used for educational purposes.

The type of storage shown in Fig, 68 is usually found in elementary schools where open cubicles are desirable. These units are located on the classroom side of a single-loaded corridor for convenient supervision. The walls have been splayed to relieve corridor congestion during the arrival and dismissal of children. The splayed wall also provides a recess for the classroom door.

In Fig. 69, panels fold to provide the doors on the wardrobe- Mechanical ventilation is essential. The large amount of wall area used by this system may introduce serious hendi-

A. G, Odoll, Jr. ond AÂŤociofes, Architects Fkj 65

Lockers may be concentrated in several conveniently located areas (Fig. 65), These areas are completely open and the wide spaces between rows provide comfortable circulation. This type of locker arrangement eliminates congestion in corridors and frees corridor walls for display and vision panels. As locker alcoves are difficult to supervise, it is essential to provide complete circulation around the entire space.

Another way of treating locker installation in a high school is shown In Fig. 66. The lookers have been concentrated in two areas near the entrance and student center, The areas have been left open with ample space for comfortable circulation. Restrooms are adjacent to the locker area, which may reduce corridor traffic and save student time. Each student is assigned a security locker for books and personal items. Coats and boots are stored in open coat racks.

Coat storage (Fig. 67) in a classroom can be closed off by means of a folding partition. This arrangement gives students easy access to wraps. The area is convenient to supervise and the classroom area provides space for dressing section

Fig 68 C/iopmon and leffler, Architects

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